[FoRK] The Ni-64 "theory" of "cold fusion" (more energy hacks)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Jun 14 11:07:09 PDT 2010

Some interesting back-of-envelope figures, here.  If this is correct, upping the production of nickel globally / annually by a factor of a little over two could substitute for all oil-related energy production.  (There are a few unrealistic assumptions there.  At least.)


Nickel is the fifth most common element on Earth. 
Russia and Canada are currently the top producers, accounting for about 40% and 30% respectively of global production.

To head off the OB_EUGEN critique, like all the proposed fixes beyond e.g. ubiquitous solar, this one's obviously transient / non-sustainable over the long haul, and only economically viable over some range of time.  (Though, to be fair, even solar is "transient" on  long-enough time scale.)


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