[FoRK] Right Wing Conspiracy Theory Talking Points, Volume 2010, Number 6

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Jun 16 23:33:34 PDT 2010

OK, This should be easy:  What are the right wing conspiracy nuts going 
to come up with next?

Well, first, we're going to own Afghanistan (for minerals) along with 
Iraq (for oil, which is being secretly exported to the US):

Next, after fattening up the oil companies in the last two years while 
simultaneously softening up the public with a little financial pressure, 
pissing of the public to no end, we're going to own BP:

It is basically up to the administration how far they want to go in 
fines, damages, etc., up to and including insolvency and takeover.  Who 
could resist or blame them?

To avoid that fate, "insurance" plans will be offered to the remaining 
oil companies that will be very beneficial to the Administration.

Once our mineral and oil pipelines are secured by Pres. Obama, we'll have:

A) Socialist takeover of the whole market is upon us.
B) Government ownership of energy, healthcare, banking, auto industry, 
military, and key minerals is happening now.
C) A new day in American Imperialism is upon us! (Or it would be, if 
this academic Obama wasn't in office and we still had a down-home 
controllable (rich) boy.)
D) A chance for Halliburton and BlackWater (under a new name) to become 
the largest corporations in the world, just after another Republican 
gets elected and we can funnel all of these government assets and cash 
flow to them.

All brought to you via a special Greenpeace hit team that was hired (by 
you-know-who!) to cause the oil well explosion to 1) hide evidence that 
global warming is a hoax and 2) provide an excuse to provide full 
retirement to all of those inner-city New Orleans people who belly ached 
so much during their little storm and 3) freezing of oil drilling and 
infinite funding of ecological protections for 100 years.

And Obama is doing all of this to hide the fact that he wasn't born in 
the USA, but that goes without saying.

Of course it doesn't make any sense, that's the beauty of it!


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