[FoRK] NYT op-ed on TP almost gets it

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Jun 17 06:04:43 PDT 2010

Though he proceeds from the popular but false premise of any such  
thing that can meaningfully be called "a" Tea Party, the author of  
this piece at least makes a thoughtful attempt to understand what's  
going on:


In the end, despite apparently coming close to an admirable level of  
understanding, he fails and falls into the twin traps of, let's call  
it, de rigueur "communitarian" dogma and the typical, quietly  
hysterical hand-wringing about what all these angry people might do to  
unmake the grand but decaying and futile communitarian experiment.

Or is this a fail?  On second thought, likely not...

Demagoguery at its finest; strikes just the right balance between  
apparently-erudite analysis and subtle dogmatic messaging.  Fear- 
mongering and shadow-boxing propaganda delivered in lecturn-voice.

Bravo!  Long live the Ministry of Truth!


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