[FoRK] Malthusian machinations

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 17 09:34:03 PDT 2010

--- On Thu, 6/17/10, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:

> Three choices today:  public sector, private sector,
> or none at all.  I'll take the lesser of three "evils"
>  ... Give it to the
> appropriate privates with reasonable third party
> safeguards.  (It's the latter job that generally
> fails.  Guess whose job THAT is under today's false
> systematic dichotomy...)

Yes. But where else do you put it? Who or what is a "reasonable third party" if not the gummint, in your view?

> > Due to the whole motherhood issue of feeding the
> starving kiddies in the Third World, there is as little
> moral hazard associated with risk-taking in GM today as
> there is in the financial industry. Or the energy
> sector.  In my view.
> > 
> > If there was some moral hazard involved
> > I would be with you in the cheering section. However....
> I don't think that term means what you think it means.

Thank you. Yes. I have it exactly backwards. 

What is the opposite condition I actually mean? And how do you produce the desired consciousness (and fear?) of risk in this situation? 

I think this also goes to the "pricing it in" issue?


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