[FoRK] Wow, put oily foot in mouth

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jun 17 17:41:45 PDT 2010

You could hardly script a worse sequence of sound bytes:

The BP exec talking in an interview about helping "the little people" 
along the Gulf.
The BP CEO saying: "of course I want this over so I can have my life back".
And now, according a DCCC mailing: (And yes, I get them from both parties.)

> You won't believe this.
> While President Obama was securing funds from BP to pay for the damage 
> their oil spill is wrecking on families in the Gulf, Republicans 
> apologized... to BP.
> Yes, Texas Congressman Joe Barton actually apologized to BP CEO Tony 
> Hayward and called it "a tragedy in the first proportion that a 
> private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a 
> shakedown." That's right - Republicans think the "tragedy" is that BP 
> will have to pay victims of their disaster.
> This isn't from some backbencher. Republicans want to put Congressman 
> Barton in charge of the entire Energy and Commerce committee!
> to fight against the Grand Oil Party.

> Barton's not alone. Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called 
> it a "redistribution of wealth fund." The Republican Study Committee 
> called it "Chicago-style politics." Even now, Republican Leader John 
> Boehner refuses to sign on to House Democrats' legislation lifting the 
> liability cap on BP.
> There is simply no excuse for refusing to hold BP accountable for the 
> environmental disaster in the Gulf - and it is an environmental 
> disaster, despite what Alaska Congressman Don Young claims.
> It's clear that Republicans are counting on their corporate special 
> interests like Big Oil to fuel them to what they hope will be a record 
> breaking fundraising quarter -- but this is a disgusting new low. 
> Don't let Big Oil's backers claim the momentum.

At least this drivel from Ann Colder is coming less frequently:
> *My #1 Way to Profit as
> Obama Destroys Capitalism*...
> 	Ann Coulter
> Dear Fellow Conservative,
> What if you discovered that the vet who takes care of your dog was 
> Michael Vick? Would you think twice about bringing Fido back for his 
> annual shots?
> Or what if you discovered that your auto mechanic was a member of 
> Greenpeace? Would you think twice about having him work on your SUV?
> Of course you would. Just as, I hope, you would think twice about 
> trusting your retirement savings to someone who secretly despised -- 
> or simply didn't understand -- the free-market capitalist system that 
> makes profits and prosperity possible.
> Yet that, believe it or not, is exactly the position millions of 
> Americans are finding themselves in today -- as they discover that 
> Wall Street, far from being a stronghold of "rich Republicans" and 
> "laissez-faire capitalists," is actually dominated by liberal 
> Democrats who support, overwhelmingly, the prosperity-wrecking 
> big-government policies of Barack Obama and his merry band of 
> neo-socialists.
> And here's the best thing about Mark Skousen. He knows how to make you 
> money even while President Obama is wrecking the economy with his "New 
> New Deal."
> After all, Dr. Skousen points out, the late billionaire John Templeton 
> -- whom Money magazine called "the greatest stock-picker of the 20th 
> century" -- began to build his vast fortune while FDR was wrecking the 
> economy with his /original/ New Deal.
> Let's face it: Making money in Obama's America is about to get harder 
> -- keeping it, harder still. So we can all use as much /trustworthy/ 
> financial advice as we can get. The best investment advice I know of, 
> bar none, can be found in Mark Skousen's */Forecasts & Strategies/* -- 
> and I urge you, now more than ever, to give it a try. 
> Ann Coulter
> *P.S.* My friend Dr. Mark Skousen has just identified 5 "Obama-Proof" 
> investments to help you survive -- and thrive -- during the presidency 
> of "The One We Have Been Waiting For." It's all part of a FREE 
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