[FoRK] Setting the record straight on "keeping the health care insurance you've got"

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jun 17 21:39:09 PDT 2010

On 6/17/10 9:03 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:
> Mmm hmm.
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> jb

I really don't understand what people are thinking here.  No one I know 
of has been keeping their current health plan more than a year or two.  
At a mid-sized company over about the last decade, my plan changed at 
least 4-5 times over an 8-9 year period.  What does "grandfathered" mean 
here?  The consensus (as much as there was one) was that the government 
should not control the health insurance policies directly or what 
insurance an employer has to purchase.  How is it the administration's 
fault that an employer makes another choice as the market evolves or the 
health insurance companies continue to change plans and generally jack 
up rates every year?  It seems like people are alluding to some 
fictional reality that didn't exist in the first place.

  The only interpretation I ever had of Pres. Obama's assurance of not 
taking away people's health plans is that the law did not force people 
or companies to drop an existing plan or buy into the "one true plan" or 
anything like that.  Of course tinkering with that market segment is 
going to cause more changes, there is nothing exceptional with that.  
The point of the whole exercise was that it was already changing so fast 
and trending in such a bad way that collapse was imminent for a large 
segment of the population.

Of course anything bad that happens will be directly caused by the 
legislation and anything good will have happened in spite of it.  Waves 
of muddled thinking everywhere.


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