[FoRK] Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right: On the Actual Ideology of the American Press

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Jun 18 05:51:50 PDT 2010




One side thought that occurs to me as I read this, neatly weaving  
together a couple of recent strands... Even within the mainstream  
polity, among self-identified "progressives," what is reflected is a  
kind of "ignorant" or myopic cosmopolitanism, though perhaps absent  
the stasis bias the author mention.

The urbs by and large are laboring under the illusion that they  
possess a far greater degree of self-sufficiency than is actually the  
case.  Everything ex urb is viewed as a kind of economic raw material  
rather than an economic ecosystem in its own right.  Rather amusingly,  
the urb-ex urb dependency is asymmetric and counter to what might seem  
de facto intuitive to the urbs.

I note, for example, the lack of understanding of the tool-utility,  
even necessity, of gun ownership on the part of ex urbs among chronic  
anti-gun urbanites. Nothing like a 12 guage for killing rattlesnakes  
at a safe distance.

This also illustrates another point I've made from time to time:  law  
is often best served locally.

These insights, perhaps, have significant analytical utility...


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