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Frank Hegyesi frankpdx at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 00:29:44 PDT 2010

An Ipad is a consumer device plain and simple.  Any point of view
taken that it is a computer is moot.  You develop FOR it not ON it.

Huge difference.

IPad =  Consumer whore

My point was that the device acknowledging its brand name reeks of
consumerist snobbery.

Seriously you all need to stop with the whole "I cannot get better
hardware for a better price" shit.

Mac users are tools and you all just want to be in the special mac club.

After using Mac OS for a month a few years ago I installed Ubuntu on my box.

It would always crack me up when a person would approach me at a
coffee shop when they saw the Mac hood, but turn away when they
noticed I was not using the OS.

Mac users are fan boys/girls, be happy with it.

Personally I always felt Jobs went with a Unix just for cups cause
Apple Talk was a screaming POS.

Shit all those printer drivers and he did not have to do anything.  Genius.

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> On 6/20/10 10:34 PM, Frank Hegyesi wrote:
>> The whole "Sent by my Iphone/Ipad" thing reminds me of Tsarist Russia
>> in the late 1880s.  Men with disposable income would grow their nails
>> long and paint them just so they could click on counter tops while
>> they were waiting to let people know they had money.
>> Sad how most people with that type of disposable income never realize
> An iPad is another $500-700, which is significant, however it is not like
> it's an expensive diamond ring or something truly useless and garish.
> It is a very nice (pico? nano?)-computer, i.e. a stripped down but still
> significantly fast computer with a good screen and a great form factor.
>  $500 is nothing for a great tool like that.  People spend tens of
> thousands, and usually tens of thousands more than they have to on a vehicle
> which has a whole lot less potential life effectiveness.
> Why have more than one?  Assuming they wouldn't break it right away, to give
> your children the best (potentially) window on knowledge and the world they
> could have.  See "Diamond Age".
> If you're super-frugal on everything, fine, you can one up us by buying a 4
> year old used laptop on eBay or Craigslist, running Linux, getting a Wifi
> router on Freecycle, and using your neighbor's free WiFi.  (Or Google if you
> live in Mountain View.)  Good computing can be basically free right now.
> Most people blow a ton of money on eating out, drinking, buying clothes,
> expensive purses, trips to Vegas etc., smoking, their vehicle, house, etc.
>  Spending strategically on the best phone, Internet connection, laptop, and
> Internet / app device can and often does make extremely good sense in the
> cost/benefit analysis.
> I recently bought a high-end, fully packed MacBook Pro.  I already have
> several laptops, but the extra speed, RAM, and ease of use directly paid for
> itself several times over in less than a month, and is repeating every month
> so far.  My last major project, mostly Java, for instance, was taking 6+GB
> of RAM for edit/compile/debug.  A larger, faster machine wasn't a luxury, it
> was essential.
> When I start flying again soon, I'll probably have to get an iPad because
> I've already seen the aviation related apps that are available.  Even a
> small amount of increased safety and efficiency by better, more complete
> information makes it worth it.  I'd already have one, however I'm having too
> much fun developing for Android and playing with my Evo.  Funny how the Evo
> screen is large enough that I'm not sure I need the larger form factor of
> the iPad anyway.  It's small enough to put in your pocket, but huge compared
> to a Pre.
> Stephen
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