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Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Jun 21 04:59:05 PDT 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 1:20, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> Why have more than one?

Sigh.  Thought I'd already explained that... In my case, the ONLY  
reason for the initial purchase of two was in lieu of two fixed  
touchscreens for the home automation system. Actually saved quite a  
bit going that route.  (The third was purchased when I realized these  
were actually good carry-around devices.)(Aside: the kids love 'em,  

On that note, the automation system has been in place and functional  
for a couple of months now.  I can now say that if you're looking at  
such things, Savant is defintely worth the look. A lot more flexible  
than AMX or Crestron.  You could probably do better rolling your own  
than that, but only if you've got unlimited time and both the hardware  
and software hackery...  As is, a reasonable platform to build on.   
OTOH if all you want is some basic lighting control, way overkill.  In  
my case that was only a small part of it.  Lighting, AV, HVAC, and  
security now all humming along, tightly integrated.

Quite pleased with the trade-off.


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