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Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Jun 21 14:14:49 PDT 2010

Rather amusingly, the phone ate my initial draft response to this, so trying again. 

On Jun 21, 2010, at 3:23 PM, Frank Hegyesi wrote:

> "I'm not ignoring it.  I responded directly to it."
> My point was about vanity ( - not Malthus.  You responded to the
> example, not my point.

I must be dense.  Would you mind reiterating this supposed point, perhaps in some form more accessible to simpletons like me?

First snobbery, now vanity.  I sense a pattern, here.

> "When people pull out the Book, I'm outta there.  That's just my policy."
> I am sorry i do not play by your rules - I did not get your memo on
> interaction.

I did not nor would I suggest that you should play by my rules.  I was merely explaining my inaction, as you seemed to be feeling snubbed and in need of such an explanation.

Another policy of mine, FYI:  when somebody starts citing common knowledge and using Wikipedia as the authoritative source, that rarely warrants any real degree of seriousness in response --- though I'll note that I still gave you far better than it warranted under said policy.  That was the point of the initial "Malthused by Wikipedia" comment --- though I nonetheless chose to engage semi-seriously despite it.  It was nothing more than calling out the apparently-assumed lack of context.  

Did you really think anyone on this list was unaware of Malthus?  Or any of the history of various eschatological cults?  Do you really think anyone around here is stupid enough to engage in any serious discussion of true potential existential risks w/o being keenly aware that they are subject to that cynical point of view induced by the long history of such things?

Indeed a large obstacle to such discussions is that various popular eschatological cults exist today which tend to ignore any real problems or serious discussion thereof, because they think "our apocalypse kicks your apocalypse's ass.  And anyway, we've got an escape hatch."  No time for that nonsense, myself.  YMMV.  When you pull out Ecclesiastes in the midst of any such discussion, certain inferences about things are arguably justified.  Nonetheless, I avoided heading down that rhetorical road and responded at face value, generating one of the longer threads in recent memory.

> Feel free to flame me one more time, but I am so done with this thread.

The last several responses to you, Frank, have been 100% USDA-certified flame-free.  Gratis.


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