[FoRK] Frankly, was Re: Connect --- middleware framework for node.js

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Jun 21 17:21:55 PDT 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 6:10 PM, Frank Hegyesi wrote:

> I apologize to everyone on this list for my part in this immaturity

Ah, the parting shot, the misdirection, the desperate attempt to reflect yet again.  Scrambling for the high ground.

Let's review a little history.

Frank, I think that as long as your repertoire pretty much consists of sophormorisms like:

  - quoting the Bible and Wikipedia as some kind of authoritative sources

  - asserting complete fallacies such as:  "The root user in Mac OS X is disabled by default."

  - excrement like:  "Mac users are tools and you all just want to be in the special mac club."

   - and:  "Monotone color schemes always remind me of fascists."

   - and:  "The whole "Sent by my Iphone/Ipad" thing reminds me of Tsarist Russia"

...then you are a long way from being able to claim EITHER the high ground or rule the low with any class and style.

You don't like Apple.   We get it.  You get pouty when people don't take your drek seriously.  Got it.

You don't even know what you're apologizing for, do you?  

If you did, then you'd realize apologies are neither necessary nor sufficient.

You just want it to go away now that the lens has been turned around on you.

Don't want us pointing out your whining about imaginary offenses ("mean old JB told me to fuck off" - not),  your reflective tendencies, etc.?

Vanity and snobbishness?  Well, I'd say so.  And more than the recommended daily allowance of idiocy rolled in.

Worst of all, not even funny!  Not even an *attempt* to be funny!?!  And boring!  Tired!  Not even a stab at novelty?!?

Too bad about the scrutiny.  Buck up, camper.

Either that, or de-camp.  FoRK is not a bridge for you to hide under.

You wouldn't be the first to not make it past plebe status.


PS - I blame certain other parties on the list for the chronic, obsessive Apple-bashing which apparently attracted this troll to our little community.

PPS - clearly, it's an attention thing, so as far as I'm concerned I'm guilty of feeding the troll, too, and my part in this ends here.  Polarizing the hull plating on one "Frank Hegyesi."  Filters up.  Done.

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