[FoRK] Extreme Life Extension: Investing in Cryonics for the Long, Long Term

Jebadiah Moore jebdm at jebdm.net
Mon Jun 21 21:17:00 PDT 2010

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:16 PM, silky <michaelslists at gmail.com> wrote:

> I personally can't quite come to terms with the idea that there would
> be 2 of me thinking what I'm thinking right now.

Well, it wouldn't carry on like that for very long, assuming non-identical


> What I mean is, my consciousness; would it be aware of the other?

It'd be aware it existed, but there wouldn't be any mind-reading (although
you could probably guess what the other was thinking somewhat better than


> Arguably if not, there could already be another me that was cloned at some
> point, and he is
> totally seperate and meaningless really, from my point of view. I may even
> hate him, for being so similar to me. It's a strange situation, I think.

Sure, I suppose, though unlikely.  Definitely a bit strange to think about.

Yeah, being able to reverse decisions is interesting. Who is the
>> master? Do you live in your own world, where I can reverse a decision
>> of yours? Or can I only reverse my decisions? (Obviously, there's a
>> flaw in either of those approaches). So I think reversability of
>> decisions is not possible without living in your "own" "world". And
>> then if so, what's the point? Life wouldn't really be fulfilling,
> would it? Just break out a hex editor and live like a king.

Well, I didn't mean reversal of reality--just the ability to restore a new
consciousness with old data.  Reversing reality is definitely problematic if
there's any sharing going on, though it would certainly be an interesting
experiment... hmm, gotta think about that one.  Seems like it would result
in a sort of consensus reality, sorta like Wikipedia, since anyone can
reverse anything anyone else decides...

As for living in your own world--I think it could certainly be fulfilling,
especially if you could move between worlds.  Each person could be the
master of 0+; world designing would be the new tourist industry.  Most
probably wouldn't "live" in their own worlds (most game makers don't play
their games like normal players), though I imagine some would just for the
sex factor.

Of course, though there are some ethical considerations, it would also be
pretty interesting to run a genetic algorithm on the simulated
consciousnesses to create "tuned" AIs.


> Jebadiah Moore

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