[FoRK] Whole Brain Emulation: A Roadmap

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Jun 22 04:37:00 PDT 2010

Excellent overview by Bostrom. Should be required reading for further  
discussion of the related topics, for folks who haven't already and /  
or are not close to the subject matter.


I quibble with a few of the estimates etc., but think this is a fairly  
conservative and useful overview.  One example quibble:  if you can  
get away with only simulating certain structures at high fidelity,  
such as the neocortex, and merely provide functional analogues of  
others, the picture changes somewhat.  And there is a big difference  
depending on the resolution of the simulation of the relevant parts.   
If you can abstract certain things like electrochemical potentials and  
gradients, you get there cheaper and faster than if you have to  
simulate down to the molecular level, dynamics and all.



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