[FoRK] Reducing defense spending

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Fri Jun 25 09:01:38 PDT 2010

--- On Fri, 6/25/10, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:

> Re reducing defense, as James pointed out, a lot of the
> spending is related to active headcount.  Another
> massive chunk goes to maintaining logistics in large
> deployments. Eliminate active groundwars and you win on both
> fronts. Big.


> Tactical is the problem.  Warfighters, to use the de
> jeur term, are expensive.  Technology provides an
> out.  Fast, quiet, cheap, smart, disposable, and
> massively parallel is the model of the day.  Drones of
> all shapes and sizes are all of those things.  Enormous
> per-fighter force multiplication and projection.
> Distance kills are cheap and have a deterrent quality even
> tactically, if we have the will to use the tools. ...
> The warfighters we need are video game nerds sitting in
> comfy air-conditioned command pods on ships offshore,
> directing semi-autonomous mixed swarms of killbots, backed
> by deep IT and "combat programmers." The heart of tomorrow's
> battlespace looks more like a network ops center or trading
> floor than a desert tent city.

Stupid and irresponsible. By not being on the ground in the area, you allow the enemy to simply hide in plain sight .. right in the middle of the innocents. So your new game-playing "warfighters" in their comfy distant operational spaces will simply be killing lots of innocents for every one baddy they might accidentally hit and ratcheting up the propoganda win for the other side. We've already seen that happening with the current limited use of drones.

You can't wage war by remote control unless you are prepared to simply sterilize the place and to hell with the innocents and the resultant outrage.

If you can't get your guys and gals out of e.g. Afghanistan, at least take the hobbles off and let them fight to win. You won't win the propoganda war, but anyone with half a brain knew that you lost that one the instant you set foot in e.g. Afghanistan and Iraq. Hell, you lost it the moment you began *talking* seriously about going in.


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