[FoRK] "A budget deal that reduced the deficit"

Russell Turpin russell.turpin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 05:37:49 PDT 2010

I wrote:
>> It's plausible to say that the tea parties are focused on financial
>> issues. It's NOT reasonable to say "ignore Palin and Bachmann when
>> discussing the tea parties."

Jeff responds:
> So you keep asserting in order to support this hysterical guilt by
> association. ... Ignore the side-show rather than obsessively focusing on it.

I suspect this is where we're at an impasse. The tea parties aren't a
political party. They haven't fielded candidates. All they are so far
IS association. So in judging them and what they're about, the
politicians and pundits they invite to their gatherings and herald
there ARE the main show.

It's one thing to say the tea party leaders are softening their
message because the masses aren't ready for it yet. That's plausible.

But separating the tea parties from Palin, Bachmann, and Beck? That's
like separating the Bolsheviks from the Russian communist party.
Perhaps it's doable. But it will be a messy long struggle, there's no
telling what the result will be after it is done, and someone is
likely to end up with an ice axe in his head.

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