[FoRK] Texas State Republican Party Platform - Texas Taliban

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sun Jun 27 10:07:53 PDT 2010

Austin / Travis County isn't the only area of influx; every major  
urban center is taking on economic refugees faster than they can build  
high-rise condos (sorry, "lofts") and McMansions. Not just po' folk  
either; cosmopolitan knowledge workers and creative types with real  
scratch, leaving there and coming here, voting feet AND dollars AND  

DFW, Houston, San Antonio, even El Paso: increasingly livable.  
(Abilene is still the asshole of the country.)

Wouldn't have lived anywhere else in the state a decade ago - closest  
places woulda been Santa Fe / Taos or N'Awlins; several reasonable  
choices in state, now.  And McAllen of all places appears to be the  
fastest-growing city in the country:


(That's a bit stale but AFAIK the general trend has continued.)

Thesis:  it's the economy, stupid.  I see your "free" (i.e. somebody  
else paid) and narrow gov't-cheese citation and raise you one broader  
now-paywalled analysis courtesy The Economist:


But cheapskates, don't fear:  the cover of that issue said it all.  In  
nice, easy-to-digest "visual learner" form.  And you can have it for  


Apropos the culture point:  as this process continues, the influx and  
increasing urbanization will dilute the nutty rednecks even further.

If we can do this without acquiring the economic governmentalist  
biases that drove the newcomers away from their previous states and  
towards Tejas, booyah.  As the Economist article points out, though,  
that is a risk.

Still running a surplus, last time I checked.  Whatever the "costs" of  
that (presumably in terms of lacking "public services" and other  
questionable  "common goods") might be, they don't seem to be keeping  
people away.

How's CA's budget looking?  Tsk, tsk, populist democracy with  
unfettered control of purse strings.  Shoulda built a tougher  

Still missing a reasonable tech funding infrastructure since 2000;  
killed off in two back-to-back sucker punches:  the dot-bomb and the  
development of a  gargantuan gravity-well / quasi-monopoly around  
Austin Ventures and its pernicious impact.  But I see some minimal  
encouraging signs re a bit more aggressive angel activity these days.

It is effin' HOT, though. Maybe that keeps the wimps out. ;-)


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