[FoRK] Texas State Republican Party Platform - Texas Taliban

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jun 27 12:45:00 PDT 2010

On 6/27/10 12:27 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:
>> There is a reason I moved to Mountain View: Running weather all the 
>> time.
>> I have fried my brain running in DC, Las Vegas, Honolulu, etc.  And 
>> frozen in Denver, Boston, and Ohio.  I know better.
> You and your running fixation.  There's a solution to that: stay inside.
> As a rule, I only run when being chased.  ;-)

You're always just a few steps ahead of the Grim Reaper (r), some people 
just don't notice.  ;-)

> At least you aren't one of these countless Lance wannabees we have 
> here puffing around in Spandex they really shouldnt be wearing, 

I hate that stuff generally, but it does give you non-chemical sun 
screen and something to sweat through efficiently.

> slowing traffic and generally being self-righteous, pretentious 
> menaces.  We ought to enact bounties on those jackasses.  Never 
> happen, of course.

Heck, in Texas I would have thought they would be training for the 
Biathalon. (With biking instead of xcountry skiing.)  Just put a bounty 
on them and I'm sure someone will think of it.

> jb 


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