[FoRK] "Two faces of the Tea Party"

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Sun Jun 27 13:41:50 PDT 2010

On Jun 27, 2010, at 12:39 PM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 11:21:48AM -0700, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
>> The current hyperkinetic battlefield platforms are based on a new kind of compact rocket motor. 
> Any pointers in regard to magic geometry/fuel?

No pointers, I'm curious myself. A lot of new systems are being built around these motors, so I assume it is a secret. The currently active testbed is the Compact Kinetic Energy Missile, which is slightly larger than the intended deployment configuration. 

The production target is a 20-25kg hypersonic missile with a tungsten rod that can accelerate to 10 MJ of kinetic energy over a very short distance. That is a neat engineering trick just in terms of the implied rocket efficiency under those parameters.

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