[FoRK] The bee sting theory of poverty

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Tue Jun 29 13:19:09 PDT 2010

Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Seems like these should be a good start:
>     * Clean, safe, & functional living space

According to the State Police, my son's biological mother provided just 
that.  She has multiple arrests, and multiple felony convictions for 
domestic abuse.  Definitions of those words are required.

>     * Food

What kind of food?  Macaroni and cheese, Twinkies, and all other kinds 
of "junk" food?  While my son was at his biological mothers, he mostly 
ate what I would call junk food.  When he came home, he complained 
bitterly about his diet while there.

>     * Basic business and exercise acceptable clothing

Mostly agreed.  Climate appropriate clothing for sure.

>     * Health care


>     * An education past high school

Why?  Many children, especially those with severe learning disabilities, 
can not, and should not, reasonably expect to succeed.

>     * Internet

What is so important about the Internet that it's a requirement for 
"baseline" living?

>     * Outdoor play / exercise space (parks, trails, sidewalks)

Mostly Agreed.  That's one of the reasons I live on the bank of a 
(mostly dry) river in a rural area.  I don't believe sidewalks are a 
requirement.  For that matter, neither are parks and trails.

As a list of requirements for "baseline" living, your suggestions strike 
me as elitist.


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