[FoRK] App Inventor

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 23:08:01 PDT 2010

I noticed this a couple of days ago as I was doing a quick news read
thru the Black Hills of South Dakota..the 3g coverage was surprisingly
good for the terrain.  Of course I put my name in and am now waiting.
I think it will be a good springboard for the kids to learn some
basics as well as being able to bang out quick apps for my Droid.


Anyone else here taking a peek, diving in or even casting aspersions on this?

>From all I am seeing this looks like it could bring the DIY back into
the mix for more folks than those already inducted into craft.

I got this article sent to me that sums up why I get excited about
App Inventor and things like it (Scratch, etc)


"Instead the Google application builder lets the phone owner slap
together something only they might want and without it having to be
stocked. It’s a Do It Yourself process – something that has been
missing for some time – something which was once a given feature of

"..the whole dialogue becomes one of seeking approval from a
gatekeeper. It’s like the old idea of ‘broadcast standards’ that kept
control of
television with the major networks. Of course the majors broadcast
rubbish in the way the App Store stocks fart pianos – the idea of
‘broadcast standards’ is not about the worth of the programming but
control of the programming. "

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