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Jeffrey Kay jeff at jeffreykay.com
Thu Jul 29 10:05:46 PDT 2010

Thought I’d ask my esteemed list members for some advice.  


I’m about to send my older daughter to college in the fall --- I’m a
first-time college dad with half of the nest about to become empty (in 2
years, my other daughter goes and then we’ll be empty-nesters :-).  I’m
struggling with what sort of notebook to give her for college.  She’s
intending to study architecture, but her first year will be mostly general
education classes (architecture students don’t get to use AutoCAD until 2nd
year) and, who knows, she may decide to study something else after a
semester in the drafting lab.


She currently has a Compaq CQ60
tml) from a couple of years ago.  It’s a big, heavy laptop, but she likes
the big screen because she uses it to run Photoshop (she’s something of a
photographer).  Ideally I’d like to equip her with something that meets the
following specs:


1)      Runs Photoshop well

2)      ~4 lbs or less

3)      ~6 hours battery life


My choices seem to be:


1)      Let her keep her current laptop as a desktop system and buy her a
netbook to take to class.  The challenge here is that I have to teach her
how to move her files back and forth between her machines (Dropbox or
similar is probably a good choice).  Also, the Compaq isn’t a great machine
for Photoshop.

2)      Get her a new notebook computer meeting the above specs.  I’ve been
looking at something like the Lenovo U450, but I’m not sure that’ll really
do a good job with Photoshop.  Generally, the higher performance laptops
chew up battery and I’d really like her to be able to go to class without
carrying a brick.

3)      Give her a real desktop computer (probably give her my quad-core
desktop system, giving me an opportunity to get something more powerful)
with a monitor and a netbook to take to class for notes. Again, I’d have to
set up networking between the two computers so she could move files back and
forth, which might be overly complicated.  She also tends to like to sit on
her bed and do her work, rather than at a desk.


As is typical in these things, there are lots of conflicting specs :-) I’d
appreciate any opinions on this subject.  


Thanks and hope everyone is having a great summer ---


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