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I appreciate the suggestions about a MacBook from both you and Steve, but I
don't foresee any Macs in the future in my household (I'm a PC, see my sig

I probably should have clarified that the real question is whether to go
with a 2 computer solution (netbook + desktop) or 1 computer solution
(laptop).  Mostly I'm curious to see if anyone else on the list has kids in
college and what they decided.  The netbook would be great for running
around campus (if the tablets were better at taking classroom notes, I'd
consider that) but suck for performance and would require syncing between
two computers to comfortably allow work to get done. Laptops with enough
power generally don't have a great battery life.  Thus the dilemma.  

Perhaps the real answer is that she needs a desktop to do Photoshop and a
medium power laptop to do most of her work (like an Asus, with long battery
life).  That way she could keep all of her schoolwork on the laptop and just
use the desktop (or her current laptop) for the heavy lifiting.

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On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 10:05:46AM -0700, Jeffrey Kay wrote:

> 1)      Runs Photoshop well
> 2)      ~4 lbs or less
> 3)      ~6 hours battery life

Have you considered a http://www.apple.com/macbook/ ?
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