[FoRK] Computer for College Student

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Fri Jul 30 11:37:37 PDT 2010

Jeffrey Kay wrote:
3)      Give her a real desktop computer (probably give her my quad-core 
desktop system, giving me an opportunity to get something more 
powerful)with a monitor and a netbook to take to class for notes. Again, 
I?d have to set up networking between the two computers so she could 
move files back and forth, which might be overly complicated.  She also 
tends to like to sit on her bed and do her work, rather than at a desk.

This would be my first choice.  I have a daughter in college working 
towards an interior design degree.  Before that she was working on a 
landscape design degree.  And before that an urban design degree.  All 
of which involve architectural drafting with Autocad.  Doing Autocad on 
a laptop is quite painful, as my wife, an architect, will cheerfully 
testify.  The architecture computer lab at my daughters school is loaded 
with high-end systems with huge amounts of RAM and big monitors. 
Autocad eats megabytes in large quantities when it runs.  The resultant 
files are not so small either.  The student version of Autocad will work 
only for the first few classes.  The professional version is quite pricey.


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