[FoRK] Stock manipulation too cool for kindergarten

Rob Harley robert.harley at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 18:36:07 PDT 2010

>So now I'm a bit confused. You're saying that those "dumb" algorithms
actually do exist?


>Which means the article isn't actually "clueless garbage"?

I meant what I said.  Zerohedge is such abominable drivel that referring to
it as if it had any authority immediately shows the referrer up as a
bonehead newb.

>And if the "dumb" algorithms exist and smarter ones also exist, are you
saying that the smarter ones don't also try to manipulate things? [...]

Yes.  I don't think that even the dumb algorithms try to manipulate the
market, it just looks that way by accident but doing so on purpose would be
about as smart as the punter at the casino whose strategy is to double down
until (s)he goes broke.

- R

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