[FoRK] "Welcome, Big Brother"

Reese howell.r at inkworkswell.com
Fri Aug 27 11:20:04 PDT 2010

On 26 Aug 10 16:34 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> http://machinedesign.com/article/terrafugia-develops-the-transition-a-street-legal-and-faa-approved-flying-car-0824
> Don't know how I didn't remember to mention that I'd seen this.

I like the looks of this one more, when it is on the ground at least.
The video demonstrates some audio harmonics and noise factors, other
disappointing things to consider:


> For $194K, next year you can have your flying car, certified as a light
> sport aircraft. That means you only need 20 hours of instruction and not
> even a medical certificate. You can do it in a week. When they get the
> price down to $50K, we'll see a lot of these. Too bad it takes a 2500
> ft. runway. I'm interested in amphibious and/or short take off / landing
> (STOL) (<1000 ft., some advertised to only take 250/150ft.).

I'd bet that for a lot less than $194k, you can make a powered 
ultralight. Perhaps one of these:


Oh look:

1 day 6 hours left as I type, current bid: ~$725.00
Not so hot for taking passengers and luggage though.  :(


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