[FoRK] A note about "baby proofing"

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Aug 29 22:29:51 PDT 2010

  On 8/29/10 9:10 PM, Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo wrote:
> ..
> However, based on a full generation more experience (for the benefit of the others, my twin grandsons are a teensy bit older than jb's twin progeny) ... and probably a few more dollars wasted...

The oldest of my three grandchildren is about to turn 12, has mastered her back handspring and is working on her back flip.  The 
younger two just sang on camera for me last weekend, a song that one of them wrote.  Their dad used to put one of them in the 
street with a souped up Power Wheels car (wired to go 2-4x normal speed) so he could do donuts.  And I hear they had a lot of 
fun at their aunt & uncles inner-tubing on the river at high speed a few weeks ago.

> +10 and 2 thumbs up.
> The question is, have you been able to persuade your wife of this? If so, what's the secret so I can persuade Grandma (never had any success when she was still Mom)?

I used to have to go to the bathroom with them at the mall, well past when they needed it, because of the chance there might be 
a predator lurking (30 ft. from 30 parents and 100 people) at just that moment.  Probability arguments seldom outweigh older 
Oprah et al senseless scaremongering...  At least it seems that Oprah may have grown up a bit.  She has now covered a lot of 
subjects that used to be more or less taboo, at least politeness-wise.

Of course, going far enough back, I had to check under _our_ bed sometimes, just in case.  Ah kids,...  Those you have, and 
those you marry.  ;-)

>        ...ken...


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