[FoRK] A note about "baby proofing"

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Aug 30 07:54:20 PDT 2010

On Aug 29, 2010, at 18:02 , Bill Kearney wrote:

>> That is all.
> Sadly, unlikely.   Isn't there a rock near you in need of crawling under?

Ease up there, Gilbert Grape.  Unless my recollection fails me, we generally tend to agree more than not.

On Aug 29, 2010, at 18:56 , Stephen Williams wrote:

> we ... value all of our little children for their little gems.  Or our budding ... Demosthenes working to fix/rule the world, what have you.

Somebody's got to be the shill.

Re:  "fix the world", of late a different hypothetical's been troubling me...  assuming it could be fixed, is it even worth fixing?

I'm beginning to embrace a couple of arguments that have occasionally been made around these parts for years, but...  more on that later.  Probably much later.


BTW, ob_congrats to Rohit...  Google acquisition is the new IPO etc. :-)  (Seriously, congrats....)


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