[FoRK] Where Obama should be raked over the coals...

Jebadiah Moore jebdm at jebdm.net
Mon Sep 20 09:41:48 PDT 2010

A couple of other fun examples:

Train everyone to use a gun.

Create a mesh of wireless routers, using a Tor-like anonymizing protocol.
 Put a router, with a power source, in every house and in a lot of public
places.  You'd probably also need a distributed DNS.  This way, you have a
network that isn't centrally controllable, which allows its users to remain
anonymous, and which can't be easily destroyed.  That should make it a bit
harder to squash rebellions.

Build self-sustaining ships (self-sustaining in that they harvest enough
energy to fuel themselves and to produce food/air for people on board) that
can be put into orbit around a star, and which can travel interstellar

Build 1) "mind uploaders"/scanners, 2) software that can simulate minds and
various virtual realities, and 3) self-sustaining facilities that can run
these things.  Then, upload everyone (try to prevent non-virtual children)
let them split off new instances of virtual realities if they want, let them
travel between different VRs (some VRs can have gatekeepers; everyone gets
their own personal VR which only they can get into), and let them write
source code for new VRs.  This would solve a bunch of other problems too,
no?  Until the sun collapses or we get hit by an asteroid or whatever, at
least, but perhaps with all those other problems solved we could figure out
this one.  (Oh, and make sure to make mobile robots suits that brains can
move into in order to interact with the "real" world.)

Jebadiah Moore

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