[FoRK] Reply to Russell

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Sep 20 16:06:04 PDT 2010

Apologies for the cut-n-paste thread-break...

RT says:

Admittedly, the American civil libertarian has a harder row to hoe
than the axiomatic libertarian, ...where the
axiomatic libertarian can appeal to a neat rights theory. While the
former may be messier, a "memetic effluvium," it has the advantage
that it actually has secured us some liberty. "Real rights in a
significant sense": ones that we can practice and get enforced.


JB:  Except when they don't.  Which, as I recall, was your original  
complaint.  Now you understand why:  your beloved post hoc gumbo of  
rights confusion means you don't really have any when they become  
inconvenient to whatever establishment is holding the reigns.

(The beneficiaries of this gumbo of confusion are of course special  
interests, the establishment, and the parasitic political and legal  
subspecies, human and otherwise.)


RT: Axiomatic rights theory has yet to do that.


JB:  As does your own non-theory, as evidenced by your complaints.  (I  
would argue that the early years of our Republic, up to the Civil War,  
were much closer to an axiomatic system than otherwise.  Flawed, but  
the form was there, yet not complete enough.)



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