[FoRK] Where Obama should be raked over the coals...

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Thu Sep 23 19:16:49 PDT 2010

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> >> People always seem to imply autistic boxes in the landscape for some
> >> reason, and not SkyNet++. I wonder why.
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> > ummm....  Common experiences with the distincly underwhelming results of
> > computer technology when compared to what is usually promised???????
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> >            ...ken...
> Confusion at various points between vision / extrapolation vs. promises.  
>Sometimes by the people making promises however.
> People waited a long time for satellite * (tv, gps, etc.), cell phones, flying 
>cars (here, more or less), space tourism, various 
> medical breakthroughs, speech recognition, face recognition, etc.  The 
>observant might recognize a pattern somewhere in there, and 
> it doesn't point to "it will never happen" in very many cases.

What it does point to is that it rarely, if ever, happens in the magnitude 
timeframe promised and rarely, if ever, delivers anything like what's promised. 
And it's usually too expensive to contemplate even when it finally 
arrives. That's the pattern most people see.


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