[FoRK] giveindia.org

Rob Harley robert.harley at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 20:55:52 PDT 2010


Can anyone convince me that this is legit?

Searching for tax benefit = 501(c)3 finds nothing, but others searches on
the site find lots of items that are flagged as 501(c)3 eligible.  Just a
blatant web-site bug?  I've emailed them about it and they did nothing.

They claim various major donors and have plausibly realistic feedback
samples from some recipients of their largesse.
They show a U.S. EIN, but googling it finds very little apart from their own
website and Facebook page.
They claim to channel funds to charities that they review for legitimacy but
they don't seem to do much to establish their own.

Charitynavigator.org doesn't even know them... eh!?!?!

Maybe they're so India-and-U.K.-oriented that they don't care about the

Given their claimed focus on charities that are neither religious nor
political and the apparent value-for-money in their listed causes, they
could be top of my donation list if I was sure they're for real, and not
just an inefficient bunch of jokers nor worse...


- R

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