[FoRK] Bar Stool Economics

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Sep 27 13:47:38 PDT 2010

  On 9/27/10 12:13 PM, Ken Meltsner wrote:
> Both simple and simplistic.
> ...
> To over-extend the metaphor, it would be as if the wealthy individual
> received several pitchers for his contribution, and the poorest only
> received quarter-full glasses.
> More to come -- I dislike making unsupported assertions, but I also
> dislike the assumption that all of the beer servings are equal as
> well.

I kind of like the idea of retelling the story several times, each time changing things to illustrate a particular point.  Muddling 
multiple things together is not likely to be as helpful however.


> Ken Meltsner

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