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Hello Friend,

My last book appeared 12 years ago. That's a lifetime in internet years.
Since that time I've been laboring on a monumental new book called "What
Technology Wants."  I am relieved that this long-overdue work is finally
done, and delighted that Penguin/Viking did a fabulous job in publishing it.
The cover is cool, too.

It premiers today. As of a few hours ago "What Technology Wants" is
available on Amazon in hardcover, Kindle, and audio versions, and at your
favorite online or brick bookstore. I feel like shouting from the rooftops.

In this book I explore the deeper "meaning" of technology. I view our human
world through the eyes of technology, as if it were a living organism,
independent of us. I learned a lot from this investigation, and I think I
found some answers that helped me evaluate technology in my own life, in a
way that might help you do the same. I also changed my mind in the course of
writing it and reluctantly concluded that most new technology is inevitable,
and so we should make the most of that inevitability. I suppose this book
will be controversial.

More about "What Technology Wants" can be found on my website, including a
lot of flattering endorsements from people I respect, and a few early
reviews and mentions, such as ones in the New York Times, Scientific
American and the Economist.

You have my email. I welcome feedback on the book, comments, tweets, reviews
on your blog or Amazon, mentions, and inquiries. I can say without
exaggeration that I wrote this book for you, in the hope that as you read it
you will be refreshed and encouraged by its grand message of optimism and


Book website

Amazon page

-- KK

Kevin Kelly  *   kk at kk.org
Senior Maverick for Wired
Author of What Technology Wants, available Oct 14, 2010
+1 650 284 3303 vox  * 149 Amapola Ave, Pacifica, CA  94044  USA
My Lifestreams Blog =  http://www.kk.org/kk/

- Bryan
1 512 203 0507

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