[FoRK] IPv4 @ <5% capacity

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 20 14:23:37 PDT 2010

  On 10/20/10 1:40 PM, Adam L Beberg wrote:
> Eugen Leitl wrote on 10/20/2010 12:56 PM:
>> So who of you is dual-stack already? Or in the plans?
>> Domestically, too?
> The end hosts are fine, Win/OSX/Lin are all fine, but it's all the cheap routers near the edges are foobar. My DSL modem 
> doesn't have IPv6. Stanford doesn't even support IPv6 yet. But Asia seems to be almost ready because they can plan more than 3 
> months out.
> So this is gonna suck.
I have been waiting for a couple years now for my colo ISP to support IPv6, however they don't seem to be interested at all.  I 
was on IPv6 at work for a while, but no more.

I've seen nothing from Comcast or ATT about it.

We're going to need a killer app.  Unfortunately, security issues probably work against adoption in the sense that routable 
fixed IP addresses are bad if you are running weak, broken Windows systems.

The best possibility is probably that mobile devices switch, which carriers could do.  Then servers will want to switch.  Then 
ISP networks would follow.  But everyone needs a reason.  For the masses, nat/pat works well enough.


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