[FoRK] F*ck you Verizon

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Oct 23 15:57:54 PDT 2010

On 10/23/10 2:34 PM, Bill Kearney wrote:
> Verizon is indeed a clusterfuck.  It's a classic example of too many different departments, all unable to do anything beyond a 
> very limited scope.
> They are, however, not a monopoly.  They're just another large corporation that's just barely good enough at providing 
> services to get your money, but not bad enough to drive you completely away.  Quite the profit model. Seems all the rage lately.

They still have a monopoly on phone-company like physical right of way and all of the tariffs that go with it.  They do have 
competition in many areas in other forms, cable modem/tv/voice, wireless, etc.  However, in many areas this has only recently 
really materialized and I suspect in many others they are it.  I had non-local-company commercial DSL at one point, but Verizon 
periodically sabotaged it from what I could tell, finally stating that it was too bad that they had broken my lines and there 
was nothing I could do about it.

So, at least monopilish if not a true monopoly anymore.  They still reap huge benefits from tariffs firmly in place that no one 
can compete directly with in any serious way.

> I still demand paper billing from just about any repeating service I use. No hassling with online information, especially 
> if/when you terminate business with them (as in, Bank of America and their fuck ups).  I have the paper.   Paper trumps 
> websites.  That and gotta love mail fraud as a threat...
> Their services work reasonably well, better than others available in the area.  But their billing and support are horrendously 
> screwed up.
> As for Apple, clearly you've never had to deal with their mistakes.  No less than SIX times now they've mysteriously decided 
> to bill me for something never associated with my account.  Purchases never actually made, by myself or anyone misusing my 
> account.  Each time, every time, again and again, their personnel insist it's somehow MY responsibility to prove the error. 
> Each time I make it clear my attorneys would be glad to bill them while proving otherwise.  Every time the charges disappear.  
> Yet they still keep screwing up.
> Amazon has never screwed up.  Can't quite see how Target applies, but hey...

Years ago I noticed that Target had implemented the fastest return process ever:  They print a barcode on every receipt.  The 
return desk scans it, scans the item, and hands you the return receipt as soon as it's printed which is the only delay.  If 
Verizon were running that, you'd have to bring a picture of what you were wearing the day you purchased it and they would refuse 
to recognize the product or receipt for 10 minutes.

> I use verizon services and they've worked quite well, but I absolutely dread the hours of my time that will get wasted should 
> I have to actually depend on them for support.

Apparently FIOS works well.  My house got it six months after I moved 2500 miles away.

And now I'm back to DSL!  6Mb, but still.  At least I have 5Mb WiMax as a backup.  And I could get 45Mb business fixed wireless 
here if I were willing to pay a fortune.


> -Bill Kearney

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