[FoRK] Global population increase coming from an unexpected direction?

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Sun Oct 24 09:50:10 PDT 2010

--- On Sun, 10/24/10, John Parsons <bullwinklemouth at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> Ender's Game sounds familiar, but I don't remember if I've
> read it. Relevance?

One of the methods used to teach strategy to the students at the military school was to use a bounce room, e.g. a large globe-shaped room. The opposing teams would enter from opposite sides of the room. When they entered, they would find different size and shape objects suspended in various configurations in the room. Prior to entry, they never knew what configuration (sizes, shapes, numbers) of objects they would find.

The object of the game was to use the objects and various maneuvers of your troops within the room to defeat the opposing team.

The relevance is that it would likely be a good form of zero-G exercise and it wouldn't take a lot of creativity to come up with a variety of interesting games, both individual and team, in such an environment. 


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