[FoRK] The Political Insider: Tea Party Express: Extremely Urgent: We Failed, Election Campaigns in Jeopardy

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 27 11:24:22 PDT 2010

Forwarded strictly for comedic value:

> This morning we put a call out to 400,000 patriots across this nation - including yourself.  Our plea was to get constitutional 
> conservatives such as yourself to pitch in to our final election push as we are just 1-week away from Election Day.
> Our goal:  to raise $1 MILLION so that we could push the best constitutional candidates in the country over the top to victory. 
>  We'd then with the House, and perhaps even the Senate.
> But we failed - all of us.  As of this evening only 250 people made a contribution.
> This is one of the greatest failures we here at the Tea Party Express have ever had in terms of raising money for a campaign push, 
> and this is the worst possible time for us to fail:  just 1 WEEK out before Election Day.
> We MUST do better.  Everyone can pitch in, and everyone can forward this email to all their friends, family members, colleagues 
> etc...  If EVERYONE pitches in, and if those of you who can afford a more generous contribution can please do so, then we can 
> reach this goal and help take our country back.  The stakes couldn't be higher, and we cannot accept failure at this point.  We 
> simply can't - our country's future is on the line here.
> We basically have a socialist in the White House who believes in the redistribution of wealth and government intervention and 
> control into the lives of Americans.  We can only stop him if we first take back Congress.  But 250 people contributing - versus 
> the hundreds of millions we're up against from lobbyists, special interests and labor unions - that won't cut it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:
> Less than two weeks from today, the American people go to the polls. House Democrats are under attack from secret money from 
> corporate special interests that favor shipping American jobs overseas, turning Social Security over to Wall Street, and turning 
> Medicare over to the insurance companies.
> According to news reports, these secretive special interest groups have spent more than $42 million on television ads that have 
> aired more than 100,000 times attacking me. But this election is not about me; it is about the middle class.
> Republicans want to privatize and cut Social Security and Medicare, give tax breaks for the wealthy, and send jobs overseas. 
> Democrats want to preserve Social Security and Medicare, cut taxes for the middle class, and "make it in America."


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