[FoRK] "Climate change doubt is tea party article of faith"

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
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How about reducing spending on political campaigns?  I'd better not hear that media outlets are having budget problems anytime soon...

What we need is serious, targeted investment in strategic, hyper-growth opportunities.  And it's not about global market share, it 
is about value through improving the world in significant ways: efficiency, etc.


On 11/3/10 3:46 PM, Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo wrote:
> A Canadian reporter was interviewing tea partiers at a pre-election rally a couple of days ago. One interview was typical. He asked the question, What is the single most important issue, in your opinion. The answer was, Reduce spending .. it's critical that we reduce all the wasteful spending.
> So he asked if you can reduce spending on Medicar/Medicaid. Answer: No. Can you reduce spending on Education? Answer: No. Can you reduce Military spending? Answer: No.
> So how seriously can you take someone who thinks like that?
>          ...ken...
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>> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/21/us/politics/21climate.html
>> What's telling are the arguments put forward. They are not
>> questioning
>> that the economic costs of warming are less than the costs
>> of proposed
>> political solutions, as do some economists. They are not
>> scratching
>> their heads on how confidently to take the latest crop of
>> global
>> circulation models. There is no real skepticism or doubt
>> expressed.
>> Instead, the opposition comes from a certainty, based on
>> religion and
>> on conspiracy theories about the scientific "elites." It is
>> populism
>> at its ugliest. I understand the legitimate arguments
>> against cap and
>> trade. But anyone who thinks the Tea parties are forwarding
>> economic
>> conservatism had better take a closer look at the nature of
>> the
>> movement.
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