[FoRK] 2009 Distribution of Wealth in the US

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Sat Nov 6 15:46:25 PDT 2010

Lorin Rivers wrote on 11/5/2010 1:55 PM:
> http://www.socialsecurity.gov/cgi-bin/netcomp.cgi?year=2009
> People who earn a million+ make up 0.02532% of the US population.

That will go up soon soon, because the lower 20% are about to die of 
starvation in the cold thanks to the money printing, so there will be a 
higher percentage of rich people, hurray!

 From BLS via JPMorgan:

Only about 50% inflation to go and it's not a problem anymore, not that 
we haven't already had lots of inflation:


It's great that throughout history the poor have been so happy to accept 
inflation and starve quietly and calmly.

Adam L. Beberg

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