[FoRK] Income distribution changes over the last 30+ years

Lorin Rivers lrivers at mosasaur.com
Wed Nov 10 14:34:48 PST 2010

More commentary about wealth distribution in the US.

     “The richest 1 percent of Americans now take home almost 24
      percent of income, up from almost 9 percent in 1976. As Timothy
      Noah of Slate noted in an excellent series on inequality, the
      United States now arguably has a more unequal distribution of
      wealth than traditional banana republics like Nicaragua, Venezuela
      and Guyana.”

Our Banana Republic - NYTimes.com

Why we can't ignore growing income inequality. (1) - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine

Of course, I'm one of those filthy redistributionists and have been known to incorrectly title my emails.
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