[FoRK] Top general purpose languages: Practical choices for app logic / presentation & web / server apps

Jeremy Apthorp nornagon at nornagon.net
Tue Jan 18 14:39:26 PST 2011

On 19 January 2011 09:30, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> On 1/18/11 2:24 PM, Jeremy Apthorp wrote:
>> On 18 January 2011 14:20, Stephen Williams<sdw at lig.net>  wrote:
>>> What are the best possibilities here?
>> Best for what?
> A) For everything.

Different languages are good for different things. There is no silver bullet.

> B) For the categories that I was talking about in the rest of the message:
> 1. Desktop apps

Please, please write desktop apps using the native GUI APIs. If you
care about your users, don't use Qt or any of the other
"cross-platform" GUI toolkits.

This means Cocoa on OSX, WPF on Windows and GTK on Linux.

(OpenGL and other just-pixels-on-a-canvas "GUI" toolkits excepted.)

> 2. Mobile apps

Same as above.

> 3. Server apps, web applications, web interface programming

The door's wide open on this one, but I love node.js.


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