[FoRK] Top general purpose languages: Practical choices for app logic / presentation & web / server apps

kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Wed Jan 19 17:30:26 PST 2011

At 06:13 PM 1/18/2011, Stephen Williams wrote:
>Why?  I could give you reasons from the past why.  But something like 
>(modern) Qt nullifies all of that.  It does use the local APIs btw, just 
>mapping those to a common C++ API (and sometimes implementing features 
>that don't exist yet locally).  Even something as simple as doing 
>preferences / registry / etc. in the local way in a simple interface is 
>worth a lot in saved effort, bugs, etc.  In any serious situation, writing 
>to 3 or more APIs just triples app development time.  You really need to 
>handle desktop in a single codebase because you then have to contemplate 
>web (HTML5, desktop / mobile / pad / couch (GoogleTV-like)) and 2-5 mobile 
>platforms (Android, iOS, WebOS, Blackberry, and Symbian/Maemo).  When 
>desktop is less and less important and less of the development footprint, 
>why make it harder than it needs to be?

Playing with http://www.phonegap.com/ in our mobile development. There are 
some limitations but as HTML5 becomes more robust with increasing use (come 
on storage!), and more people go to work on, for example, making it 
possible to access native apps (e.g., iphone/ipad/android camera), etc., I 
think it'll be easy not to bother with developing for multiple platforms. 
Depends on who you're developing for, but the mass migration to iphone / 
android. Well, I've burned making predictions in the past... :)

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