[FoRK] America, F*ck yea...

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Mon Jan 31 19:31:06 PST 2011

What's worse then tear gas made in the US?


The flags outside the plant that makes it, oh boy.


At least Mubarak is installing a nice collection of US/Israeli puppets 
before he's forced out, that's good right? Because if they ever figure 
this out they are gonna be sooooo pissed off. (hint: they have)

Almost as pissed off as Obama's boss is right now...


Imagine how pissed Americans would be to find out THEY have the puppet 
government. So long as there is American Idle to think about, I think 
the wealthy are safe. None of this is even trending in the US twitter 

I mean, lets not forget what's really important here...

Isn't this fun, go team Egypt :) The next few governments to fall to the 
educated and networked youth are easy to predict. The hard prediction is 
who will lose control over their serfs first (also via 
[hyper]inflation), China or the US.

Rice limit up. That's another 10M or so starving tomorrow.

Ooooo, the white iPhone is coming... so shiny....

Adam L. Beberg

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