[FoRK] America, F*ck yea...

Gary Stock gstock at nexcerpt.com
Wed Feb 2 15:11:41 PST 2011

On 1/31/11 12:51 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> On 1/31/11 9:24 AM, Gary Stock wrote:
>> My quite apolitical father might have said, "America has been 
>> breathing a scab on the end of its nose."  The bumper sticker might 
>> need to be limited to, "The chickens came home to roost on 9/11."  
>> The more judgmental "deserved it" certainly tends toward the most 
>> undiplomatic end of the spectrum.
> Overall, it is clear that America did not deserve any such injury. 
That's a surprising bit of wishful thinking -- perhaps reasonable in 
self-defense (to maintain sanity) if 9/11 ~did~ surprise you.

Hmmm... you must know that saying, "America, F*ck yea..." was a 
sarcastic jab at jingoism... at least, I hope so.

> I'm not impressed with people and societies claiming injury when they 
> constantly hold themselves back and prevent all attempts to bring them 
> into the modern world and way of thinking, injuring others along the way.
Wow!  Ethnocentrize much?

>> The short short:  democracy doesn't control foreign policy, any more 
>> than it controls tax policy, environmental policy, economic policy, 
>> fiscal policy...
> That's not true. 
Don't be silly.  Corporate and business interests have far greater 
control over ~all~ those policies than any democratic impulse or 
mechanism.  To say otherwise is a willful failure to observe.

> Those making choices are influenced, and can be replaced.  And are 
> controlled, however loosely sometimes, by laws, courts, and eventual 
> scrutiny.  Those making choices often do not suffer consequences, but 
> in a laggy way, there is feedback that causes change.
Oh, dear.  Sorry, but "laggy" "feedback" toward "change" comes in a 
pathetic third in this very important race.  In distant second place:  
being "controlled, however loosely" by "eventual scrutiny," "sometimes, 
by laws [or] courts."

The biggest hammer in the world -- the one that dictates who may be 
"influenced, and can be replaced":  corporations, and their biggest 
benefactors, who control most of the world's wealth.  IFF tax-free 
dollars in the bank were votes, ~then~ you could call America a 
democracy.  Otherwise, it's not cool to joke around.  This is too 
serious and sad a situation to pretend things are OK.

There's something both funny and creepy about the parallels that emerge, 
once magical thinking grabs hold.  Compare the notions that 1) the US 
functions as a healthy democracy, and 2) efficient coding can offset bad 

It's that pesky difference between what might feel really ~cool~ in 
theory... and the reality in which we all live.


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