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On 2/2/11 4:26 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> On 2/2/11 4:17 PM, Gary Stock wrote:
>> On 2/2/11 6:09 PM, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
>>> On Feb 2, 2011, at 9:50 AM, Kragen Javier Sitaker wrote:
>>>> Your characterization of gassing peaceful protestors, killing some of
>>>> them, as "arguably inappropriate", is unnecessarily inflammatory.
>>> Then it is equally inflammatory to exaggerate the practical harm of CS tear gas.  You would think it was mustard gas or Sarin 
>>> the way people are going on about it.
>> I have no idea whether others on the list can offer insight -- whether they've been gassed during a large peaceful gathering, in 
>> a physically enclosed area.  I have, in 1976, in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, so I'll observe:
>> ...
> Everyone in the US military has been subjected to tear gas as part of basic training.  This is likely the case in Israel and 
> elsewhere.  I have not been subjected to it, although I have been in serious danger of drowning at 100 ft. under water.

> During the second week is also where you get to practice hacking, coughing, and crying in the "Gas Chamber." This normally occurs 
> in the afternoon, shortly after lunch. No matter how hungry you are that day, eat a very light lunch. While in the chamber, you'll 
> take your mask off two times (once, you merely lift the mask to state your name, rank, and social security number, then you redone 
> the mask). If you can get away with keeping your eyes closed and not breathing this nasty stuff, go for it. However, it's far more 
> likely that the Drill Instructor will make sure you open your eyes and take at least a small breath before you're let out of the 
> chamber. Remember, tear gas won't kill ya, but it'll make you wish you were dead.
> You'll also get to visit (Ta-Dum!) the Gas Chamber! (No.....not the kind they have in prisons....this one only makes you cough and 
> puke). You'll want to eat light on Gas Chamber day (Actually, the Navy Prefers to call it the "Confidence Chamber."  You and about 
> 100 other recruits will line up in multiple rows in the Confidence Chamber. You'll have 30 seconds to don your gas mask while the 
> Petty Officer is lighting the tear gas tablet.
> Once it's your row's turn, a Petty Officer will instruct you to take off your mask, and remove the filter cartridge, throwing it 
> in a trash can, while stating your full name and social security number. (Interesting side note: This is one of the only times in 
> boot camp that you'll hear everyone's first name -- if you can care about such matters with a lung-full of tear gas). Then when 
> everyone in the row is done you'll be permitted to leave. Once you get outside and finally stop gagging, crying and puking 
> yourself, you get to watch the rows behind you come out and cry, gag, and puke.

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