[FoRK] Mesh over Egypt, mesh over Portland, we bring good things to light.

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 16:10:00 PST 2011

Re HF - Disruptive tech that needs a government license....ya see
thats a sticking point for me. No doubt hams do good, I do not think
political action is one of those things they will be good with.

Re Mesh - I have been mucking with it for many years and reading about
it even longer. Seems solutions for getting what appears a group that
has some tech savvy in them to have an on the ground way to
communicate and coordinate should in 2011 be an off the shelf already
invented thing. Heck using SSIDs and have folks with smart phones
monitor/spread by hand would even be effective....and not cost $1mil
to work up. Fuh...$1mil...how many cheap Android devices in ad hoc
mode spewing ssid msgs is that?:)- And thats without having to
associate for more info, which is also a done deal, or so it should

Here is another piece in that particular solution...

Re Planning Versus Doing - So true...so so true.  I have seen so much
promise get talked over , written about and then left to die on the
vine while the next shinny meme came slinking cross the thoughtspace.
The tech never even got out in the field to grow old and become the
next rotary dial phones.


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