[FoRK] Get out! Get out!

rst at ai.mit.edu rst at ai.mit.edu
Thu Feb 10 16:40:44 PST 2011

Adam L Beberg writes:
 > Yup, the shit is hitting the fan now.
 > Good thing we've already installed a US/CIA guy as the VP isn't it :)

And his first address to the nation was even more supercilious and
insulting than Mubarak's an hour earlier.  I'm pretty sure the crowds
aren't buying it.  The wild card is the Army's general staff --- their
"supreme council" held their first open meeting in years, and issued
a terse communique which basically said, "we're watching".  (This was
taken by some as a hint that a resignation and temporary military 
rule were coming, but the document itself didn't say anything like 

Tomorrow will probably be wild, and may be very, very bloody.


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