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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Feb 11 14:13:51 PST 2011

On 2/11/11 10:39 AM, rst at ai.mit.edu wrote:
> Stephen Williams writes:
>   >  On 2/11/11 8:40 AM, rst at ai.mit.edu wrote:
>   >  >  Stephen Williams writes:
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>   >  >    >   Crazy Nokia.  That new president doesn't get it.  And I bet
>   >  >    >   Microsoft pulled out all the stops to get someone to go their way.
>   >  >
>   >  >  They might not have had to pull too hard.  His last job was as
>   >  >  head of the Microsoft business division.  One take:  "Microsoft
>   >  >  just bought Nokia for $0":
>   >
>   >  Microsoft better be careful what they bite off.  Failure may be very painful at this level.
> They've already had a taste of it with the Kin (remember that?).
Barely, one of the shortest MS blips. Props for not dragging out the embarrassing train wreck.

> But they've already placed a massive bet on Windows Phone 7; I
> don't think this deal gives them anything *more* to lose...

This isn't struggling minor player. It is a faltering European rock star, now being headed by an executive from Microsoft. How's 
that for implicating corporate intrigue?? I'll be curious what the EU finds when looking into _that_.

> If Nokia is standing on a burning oil rig, as its new Chief Executive Stephen Elop says, Microsoft is hardly the Red Adair of 
> smartphones.
> The cellphone giant is bleeding market share and struggling to bring innovations to market. But Mr. Elop's keenly awaited strategy 
> update, with its centerpiece a broad-ranging partnership with Microsoft, seemed to stoke the flames. Nokia's shares fell 14% in 
> Helsinki trading.
> Nokia is to adopt Windows Phone as its primary smartphone operating platform, rather than use its proprietary Symbian 
> technologies. That was accompanied by a sensible organizational restructuring into ...

Revolution is in the air?
> Nokia calls in Microsoft
> February 11, 2011
> BalmerElopRing, ring.
> Hello, Steve Ballmer’s office.
> Yes, hello, this is Stephen Elop, calling for Steve.
> Hold please.
> Good morning, this is Steve Ballmer.
> Steve? It’s Stephen. Listen old buddy, I need a hand. We’re drowning over here, and I know you’re not in the best shape, but maybe 
> if we teamed up, we could fight the flood. …
> It’s very unlikely, but that’s how the conversation between leadership at Nokia and Microsoft regarding their announced 
> partnership may have gone.
> Internal reactions at Nokia were made apparent when an estimated 1000 employees “walked out” in protest 
> <http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/nokia-workers-walk-out-in-protest-20110211/> to the announcement. Can’t blame them — layoffs, 
> followed by a burning memo, followed by an announcement that will likely impact many Symbian- and MeeGo-related jobs — yeah, can’t 
> blame them at all.
> Reactions outside Nokia to the news have been mixed, even on Nokia’s own conversation pages 
> <http://conversations.nokia.com/nokia-strategy-2011/>. For example, Nokia follower Muhammad Bin Naveed mostly favored the news and 
> wrote on a Nokia page:
> The naysayers are STUPID. I’ve used WP7 devices, and we ALREADY know what Nokia can do. This partnership can only be a strong one. 
> Can’t wait for this to come to fruit but hopefully you people WONT DRAG YOUR FEET ANYMORE AND BE QUICKER ON THE UPTAKE.
> Meanwhile, someone identifying themselves as “Ex Nokia Fan” wrote on the same page:
> It is unbelievably stupid move from Nokia. It looks like Stephen Elop is something like Trojan horse sent by Microsoft to destroy 
> Nokia from within. I just cannot understand how could they do something like this, especially if they know the way that Microsoft 
> conned its previous partners in mobile phones industry. Haven’t you learned anything from the past Nokia? Shame on you, you were 
> the best once, and now you threw it all away because you were too lazy and stupid. Shame on you once again. R.I.P. Nokia.
> But my favorite comment on the news so far is from /EDN/’s own @MikeDemler who gave me a chuckle when he tweeted: Navteq map error 
> causes Nokia to land in Redmond instead of Mountain View. Let me help you out - it’s the 650 http://on.wsj.com/eFTWcx

> rst

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