[FoRK] Wheee!

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Wed Feb 16 13:04:34 PST 2011

If you haven't converted your money bits into bits of atoms yet, well 
good luck to you... Just about every commodity is riding the parabolic 
curve straight to hyperinflationary hell. Bankers buying, poor starving.

Soon we'll all be billionaires, as we'll take the only out the baby 
boomers have left us to fix the problem that every city, state, country, 
and bank is insolvent - inflate all entitlements and all debt to zero. 
The vengeance of the young will not be kind.

This worked out just great the last time when we hyperinflated the 
Germans. It's not like they democratically voted to wipe out the entire 
banker race as revenge or anything. Now days bankers come from all 
religions, that's progress :)

We should have a FoRK race to a billion!


Bold (and obvious) predictions - worldwide hyperinflation endgame 
starting Jan 2011. Youth get secular democracy and big-F Freedom 
throughout the Arab and Persian world by the end of this year, including 
in the Gaza concentration camp. Israel will not be on 2012 maps, and it 
wont be because of religion. Not one banker will ever goto jail, but 
lots will be disappeared.

Adam L. Beberg

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