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Thu Feb 17 11:00:59 PST 2011

I was in court once facing charges of Dog At Large (my yellow lab Dixie
escaped (in a berg where dogs once ran in packs and attacked the townsfolk))
and I listened to guy charged with Skateboarding on the Sidewalk (or some
such nonsense) argue for a trial with 18 jurors.  Why don't you try that?

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 1:30 PM, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> On 2/17/11 10:01 AM, Gary Stock wrote:
>> On 2/17/11 10:58 AM, Lawnun wrote:
>>> ...I suggest you get to that point first, and not screw around with
>>> your credentials and general awesomeness up front.
>> Whaddya mean, "screw around"?!?  What "other" point?!?
>> His Super Duper Awesomeness is ~always~ the point!  lolz
> Hardly, I screw things up constantly.  I failed my first check ride (albeit
> at the very end at the hardest part).  I once got lost in DC airspace at
> night so badly that my instructor couldn't figure out where we were and we
> had to ask Flight Watch for a radar reading.  (I followed the VORs
> incorrectly.)  I have let so many opportunities slip past me it isn't funny.
>  (But no more of that dammit!)  I let many people and companies screw me out
> of thousands before I finally dug into the law a little to defend myself.  I
> periodically overload myself, such as accidentally taking the most difficult
> CompSci graduate course at Stanford without A) enough time available and B)
> missing prerequisite knowledge, some of which I couldn't quickly ramp up on.
>  My mistakes are endless and constant.  But, still, I get something done
> once in a while.
> sdw
>  GS
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